Story: Cave Houses at the Sierra Nevada

I found these caves by accident on our road trip through the Sierra Nevada. We were driving along the highway towards the east and in the corner of my eye I saw an interesting old building on a hill to the left. I thought, “Ok, i want to see this!” and took the next exit into a small parking lot with a few shops. The road to what looked like an old ruin, was quickly found with Google Maps.

A few hundred meters before our goal we left our car way down the road, since it was getting way to narrow and we didn’t know if we can turn around up there.

Walking up the path, we were surprised to find a quite luxurious hotel. It wasn’t visible from the highway, at least I didn’t notice it. But that hotel was not what we wanted to see, so we walked along a small dusty path towards the building I initially saw. This was it. I think it was part of the hotel, but it was closed, though it was mid season.

Ok, I found what I was looking for, but there were also some caves in the rocks and there was still a small path. I was curious what else may be here, so i walked along. After turning around a corner I was surprised by some more strange holes in the cliffs. I wanted to see more, it somehow looked like caves, but not natural ones. There was a path leading directly to one of that caves.

After some climbing I arrived at one of the caves. It looks like people lived here a long time ago. Someone made this cave his home. He, or she, carved out this hole in the wall to make it a house, a bed, a home. Just look at all the itches in the wall…

But they weren’t the only one… it looks like a lot of other people made this their home. I can understand them. It’s a beautiful place here with a great sight. There was no Highway back then, only nature. They knew how to survive, how to gather and hunt their food, how to make a home just out of rocks.

Just look at the carvings in these rocks… someone had to dig through all of this stones to make this cave comfortable.

One last view from one of the upper caves… a beautiful outlook. Just on the opposite side there are countless of other caves.

We made our way back to the car a short while after. I wonder how many of these homes else are here. I don’t know how old they are, but they will surely stay here for a longer time than i will live.

With great respect we continued our travel…..

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